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Voici les derniers articles publiés par les membres du collectif sur leurs blogs.

Ces articles traitent en général de notre travail, de technologies que l'on apprécie, ou de projets qui nous paraissent importants.

De retour de Pycon-Fr et du sprint Ideascube

Pycon-Fr se tenait du 21 au 24 septembre à Toulouse, et comme chaque année l'événement était riche en rencontres, discussions, et en écriture de code.

Avec Matthieu Gautier nous y menions un sprint sur Ideascube, le logiciel libre de gestion de médiathèques sur lequel nous travaillons avec Bibliothèques Sans Frontières …

Building applications for other architectures with Flatpak

When I added Blender to Flathub, the build failed on ARM and Aarch64.

Not having access to a machine in any of these architectures, I was wondering how I could try and reproduce the build failure, in order to fix it.

Fortunately, Flatpak comes with fantastic tools.

I quickly found …

Install Play it Slowly with Flatpak

Play it Slowly is a cool app which lets you play any audio file at any speed or pitch.

Some time ago Alexandre Franke told me about how he uses this app, and lamented the fact he couldn't easily install it on Fedora. At the time, I made a Copr …

Blender is on Flathub

I have been maintaining Flatpak builds of Blender for some time, now. In fact at the time I started Flatpak was still called XDG-App. :)

As of today, my Blender builds are now on Flathub, and I will stop updating my personal repository.

One of the benefits of moving it to …

Rebuilding a Debian package for another release

Over at Ideascube we want to start using Cockpit for various appliance maintenance tasks.


Feel free to use our packages, but don't expect anything. I built it to enable us to start playing with Cockpit, but we might never upgrade these packages, or we could as well remove them …

Aggregate Blogs with Pelican

I use Pelican for my website, including this blog, and I love it. So when the time came to start working on our professional website, it was the obvious choice.

One thing we wanted was a page that aggregates our blogs. A view on what the individual members of the …

Blender nightly in Flatpak

Over the past week I started on an experiment: building the git master branch of Blender in Flatpak.

And I decided to go crazy on it, and also build all its dependencies from their respective git master branch.

I've just pushed the result to my flatpak repo, and it seems …

Blender and Flatpak (bis)

Edit on 2017-06-26: Blender is now on Flathub and this article is now obsolete.

If you're one of the three people using my Flatpak builds of Blender, I'd like you to run the following commands:

$ flatpak --user install bochecha stable
$ flatpak --user make-current stable …


I came back from Karlsruhe last week, where GUADEC 2016 took place.

It was a wonderful event. Even though it was only my second GUADEC, I felt at home in this community, meeting with old and new friends.

The talks were excellent, but a few really resonated with me:

  • Cosimo …

pip install pygobject

This just happened.

What that means is you can now install pygobject as you would any other module, with pip, in the comfort of your virtual environment:

$ pip install git+

Or, once it's been released (around mid-september):

$ pip install …

Retour sur le hackathon kiwix

Du 17 au 23 juin, j'ai participé au hackathon kiwix qui était adossé aux rencontres wikimania.

J'ai pu participer au hackathon grâce à Bibliothèque sans frontière (BSF) qui m'a entièrement défrayé (transport, logement, nourriture) Mon travail principal consistait à intégrer l'index full text dans les zims.

En effet, jusqu'à maintenant …

Slides de la présentation sur le logiciel libre

Ce mardi 29 mars, j'ai effectué une présentation sur le logiciel libre à la Cordée.
J'ai pu la faire en duo avec Clément Oudot de Savoir-Faire Linux.

C'était une présentation orienté grand public et ça c'est plutôt bien passé :)

Les slides sont disponible ici : Présentation du logiciel libre
Les sources …